A Quick Guide to Buy Safety Shoes

A Quick Guide to Buy Safety Shoes

By Lukman Nulhakiem 

A Quick Guide to Buy Safety Shoes

Workers often ignore to wear the right safety shoes, even though they wear safety shoes during all the working hours. In fact, wearing the right ones will directly affect to their safety and health as well as their productivity. As a part of personal protective equipment (PPE), they are expected to provide not only safety but also comfort to workers’ feet.

By considering the two aims, we will talk about factors that determine selection of the right ones.

Choose Safety Shoes with the Right Fit
Comport and protection can only be achieved if we buy safety shoes that fit correctly with the feet. This condition actually applies to all personal protective equipment. Workers should size carefully and spare extra time to choose the most right ones before deciding to buy. To get the best results, workers should try several different brands, styles and of course the sizes.

Select leather as the shoes material. It is the most suitable material in the industry. It will require extra time before the shoes can be used in best comfort. So that it becomes crucial to select the right size since the beginning.

If we plan to use extra thick socks, then we need to buy safety shoes with a little bigger size to accommodate it. The same cases apply when we select shoes with liners and padding or orthopedic insoles.

Buy the Most Suitable Ones
There are many types of safety shoes available in the market and each of them are designed for different applications. Steel toe boot is the most suitable and common types for protecting workers from various hazards that present in the chemical plant site such as ankles sprains, impacts, falling objects, crushing hazards and etc. To protect feet and toes, we can buy shoes with high ankle, rugged design and reinforced toe.

For the jobs on wet surface and outdoor, select waterproof types. And for work associated with liquid chemicals where splash and spill hazards exist, the most suitable shoes are boots type. Some chemicals may cause glue to lose and the chemicals penetrate inside and go onto the foot. Ensure that the adhesive material that is used as glue is chemically resistant.

Beside chemical and mechanical hazards, safety shoes also protect workers from electrical hazards.

Styles and Brands
Buy safety shoes only from reputable manufacturers. Collect information before deciding from which manufacturers we will buy. The companies nearby your plant site may have good experiences. Consult with them for free.

But remember do not buy by just looking at the price. Quality product will have a minimum lowest price. We have a wide range of selection for the styles and materials. In general, common material that is supportive, durable and water resistance is leather.

Unfortunately, leather has some disadvantages compared with other materials. It is heavier and non-breathable material. To get the best performance of safety shoes, combination with another material is necessary, such as with nylon. Chemical splash shoes and waterproof boots are made of latex and rubber.

Padded insoles and waterproof liner are frequently added in the most models. Try to understand all the above factors and you will see that buying safety shoes in not a complicated task. In order to get the right safety shoes for safety in jobs, invest a little extra research and time.

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