About Us

At the start of our career, we worked in factories, most of the time standing on our feet, wearing most common work shoes in Black color with steel cap for safety.

We were always thinking, why safety shoes don’t come in stylish & modern fashionable designs like everyday Sports Shoes, Casual Shoes or Business Shoes.

Then after doing some research, we found that there are very less options available for Work safety Shoes.

After extensive brain storming & careful consideration, we got an idea to introduce Innovative & Fashionable Work Safety Shoes suitable for hard working individuals from all walks of life.

We’ve strategically designed our Indestructible Safety Shoes to tick all the boxes for innovative, Stylish, Trendy, comfortable, lightweight & strong to enough to wear in the rough & tough working conditions.

These Indestructible safety shoes are built to last & function in a number of different environments while protecting the feet against workplace hazards. What more you can expect from a pair of Work Safety shoes.

Our Mission

Here at ShoesDock, Our mission is to provide innovative, comfortable, stylish, and safe work shoes that are built to last for decades.

We carefully select & use extremely durable & lightweight material to ensure that our footwear solution stays strong, safe and built to last for years.

Each & every day, we invest our time & efforts looking at innovative, new designs, styles & footwear solutions that can help the working individuals ensure that their feet are protected at all costs.

Our Vision

ShoesDock– Comfort & Safety Wearhouse”

Our vision is to provide complete range of protective gear for working individuals, which include but not limited to shoes, work wear, and Personal Protective Equipment keeping all round comfort in mind.

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